Film Production

I’ve been making films for over 20 years and using visual storytelling and a close attention to character and narrative to bring topics, stories, lives and humanitarian issues to new audiences. I’ve travelled to India, Kenya, Cambodia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Morocco and Peru as a filmmaker as well as working in my native UK and currently Sweden. 

Working for many years as a freelancer I developed skills across the whole production process, working in the research, scripting, planning, budgeting, shooting, post-production, delivery and distribution of the films I make.

The WHO PIDM – Building a Global Community

Since it was established in 1968, the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring has sought to put medicines and vaccine safety at the heart of global healthcare. This film tells that story.

My Role: Direction, Camera, Editor, Motion Graphics

Mantra Sport

A short promo produced for Mantra Sport, in Uppsala Sweden. Founder and CEO Fredrik Swahn tells his story and his passion for building relationships and a community through his business. 

My Role: Direction, Camera, Editor

Palma Sur – Sonia

A vignette from Palma Sur, Costa Rica as Sonia  tells the story of how she and a group of small scale farmers are fighting against a planned airport development in their community.

My Role: Direction, Camera, Editor

PyCon Sweden – Trailer

Data scientist Lucie Gattepaille talks about her work using big data to monitor the safety of vaccines for her keynote speech at PyCon Sweden.

My Role: Direction, Camera, Editor, Music composition

Fruto del trabajo 

A section from my documentary Fruto del trabajo, which looks at the impact of monoculture farming on workers’ rights and the environment in Costa Rica.

My Role: Direction, Camera, Editor

Research Corner

The first in a series of films focused on individual researchers and their work at the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, bringing the science of medicines safety to a wider audience.

My Role: Direction, Camera, Editor, Motion graphics

Con Voz en la Radio

A short documentary film telling the story of community radio in Costa Rica and the fight for freedom of expression in a country which does not allow the legal establishment of community media. The film shows 4 different radio projects across the country and we hear the voices of those involved in radio production and how it has impacted their lives.

My Role: Direction, Camera, Editing, Music composition

Uppsala Reports 25

A film celebrating the 25th anniversary of Uppsala Reports magazine, a global voice for stories and developments within medicines safety.

My Role: Direction, Camera, Editor, Motion graphics