Video Production

I have been involved in professional video production for business, NGOs, arts and educational organisations since founding and running a small media production company in 2005, through to my current freelance video production work. 

I work closely with clients from the inception of the project through to storyboarding, planning, budgeting, production and delivery of the film. I am interested in the people and the stories behind each idea, company, organisation and I aim to make a film that is personal to you and your values, a film which has a unique voice. Video is more important than ever to communicate your message and I bring over 15 years of experience with me, working with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds with different needs. 


Professional Services

  • Web Videos
  • Promotional Films
  • Documenting Events
  • Post-Production
  • Motion Graphics

La Cruz - 'Cultura, Naturaleza, Alegría'

Client – Municipalidad La Cruz, Guanacaste

Brief – A short promotional trailer produced for the municipality of La Cruz, Guanacaste. Aimed to give a visual introduction to the life and culture of the city and region, including the ‘Festival de la Luz’. 

My Role: Filmmaker

Respond - Climate Change

Client – Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

Brief – The Tyndall Centre is world famous for its climate change research and also communicating their research to a wide audience. This film covers a public engagement event they ran, using artworks to create a discussion on climate change. 

My Role: Filmmaker

Lessons of Diversity

Client – DEV Co, UEA

Brief – This video project was part of an academic research project I worked on at UEA in 2017. After initial qualitative research was undertaken with migrant and host communities of Great Yarmouth we then used drama students from UEA to read out adjusted sections from the interviews to camera. This was then presented in a public engagement event in Great Yarmouth to provoke discussion about diversity and migration.

My Role: Filmmaker 

Norwich - City of Interculture

Client – University of East Anglia

Brief – This film was commissioned by the UEA to document this annual public engagement event. City of Interculture aims to promote diversity in the region and offer give people an introduction to foreign languages and culture.

My Role: Filmmaker 

The Price of a Pineapple

Client – UNED University

Brief – This is a short explainer video about the issue of the ever expanding pineapple industry in Costa Rica. It introduces the main context and acts as a complimentary piece to the long form documentary I’m producing about the same topic.

My Role: Filmmaker

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