I have produced documentaries for over 10 years, using visual storytelling and a close attention to character and narrative to bring interesting stories, lives and important humanitarian issues to a new audience. I have travelled to India, Kenya, Cambodia, Ecuador and Costa Rica as a documentary filmmaker as well as working in my native UK. 

During these projects I have worked in the research, planning, budgeting, shooting, post-production, delivery and distribution of the films, as such I have skills in all aspects of documentary film production, technical, logistical and theoretical. 

Below is a selection of my work in this area, past and present.

Fruto del Trabajo (2018) is a documentary film produced in Costa Rica which looks at the impacts of monoculture on workers rights and the environment. Costa Rica is the world’s largest producer of pineapple and also exports large quantities of bananas and sugar cane. To meet the export demands the country has become one of the highest users of agrochemicals and this has resulted in hazardous working conditions and pollution of the neighbouring communities and environment. This is a small excerpt focusing on the community of a Palm Oil producing region in the south west, fighting for their land rights.

My Role: Research, Director, Camera, Editor.

Con Voz en la Radio (2017) is a documentary film telling the story of community radio in Costa Rica and the fight for freedom of expression, in a country which does not allow the legal establishment of community media.

The film shows 4 different radio projects across the country and we hear the voices of those involved in radio production and how it has impacted their lives. The film also explores the influence of the catholic church on community media and its relationship to vested commercial interests. 

My Role: Research, Director, Camera, Editor, Composer

Step by Step (2016) is a short documentary which gives an insight into the lives of two refugees who have settled in Norwich and the role of the New Routes Integration project in helping and supporting them. Salah from Eritrea and Susan from Iraq, share their experiences, interests and aspirations as well as speaking about the role New Routes has played in their lives in Norwich. This film was produced and screened as part of Norwich Refugee Week, 2016.

My Role: Director, Camera, Editor, Composer

Scorched Earth (2014) is a short piece which introduces the troubles faced by small scale farmers in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra in rural India. Drought conditions have caused huge problems for the agrarian community and has lead to migration to cities, loans from extortionate moneylenders, selling up land and also suicides. A local farmer, Madhu, introduces the region and the challenges facing farmers.

My Role: Research, Director, Camera, Editor, Composer